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Underpriced Risks

Full Bio Upside oil risks threaten to push cross-asset volatility higher Investors are signaling undue complacency about the outlook for energy markets Depleted oil inventories make crude markets vulnerable to any further supply or demand disruption An increase in oil market volatility

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Solving the Inflation Puzzle

Full Bio Solving the Inflation Puzzle The puzzle preoccupying financial markets today is the outlook for inflation. Globally, central banks are still haunted by previous periods of hyperinflation and deflation, and have adopted inflation targeting as their primary objective. They have flooded

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Falling Liquidity, Rising Shocks

Full Bio Falling Levels of Market Liquidity & Increased Volatility Shocks Broad market liquidity – the ease with which investors can buy or sell a security without affecting its price – has been in a downward spiral for more than 10 years.

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